Fast and Easy SMTP setup for your business

Stop paying for emails sent, pay for computer resources instead.

Dedicated server, dedicated ips, easy to scale select one or multiple ips.

Amount of emails to be sent
Number of IP's you will need
Total €25

It has never been this easy

Simply choose how many IP addresses are necessary for you, proceed to check out and we’ll take care of the rest!

No email limits

We are one of the few who won’t put an email limit for your campaigns, feel free to send out as many campaigns as you like. All that’s up to you is how large of an email queue are you looking for.

Professional support

Message us any time for advice from our experts regarding our service and your needs

Dedicated servers

Secured and dedicated servers for excellent performance

Up to 60 IP addresses

Choose from 1 to 60 dedicated IP addresses up to your disposal

Unlimited emails

Send as many emails as you’d like and analyze the performance through our admin panel