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About Us

Who we are, and where do we come from?

Nowadays the use of SMTP servers are more important than ever - marketing campaigns have taken a new toll and customer base can be larger than ever. In addition to that you have spam filters and traps, GDPR compliance and bounce rates to deal with.

We thought, hey, why not help people with that? Through a meticulous process and demanding standards we have managed to create methods of high deliverability rate quickly and efficiently. Now that we are happy with what we have created, it’s time to bring it to you.

With SMTP server you have a choice of how many IP addresses you’d like to make sure that all your campaigns reach your customers as fast as possible. Not only that, there’s absolutely no limit of emails to be sent out per month!

SMTP server will get you a reliable and cost effective solution and a wide range of possibilities for you to deliver the info you want your clientele to reach. Quick setup, unlimited e-mails, GDPR - ready and a possibility of 60 IP addresses for you to use at your disposal - all within your hand’s reach.