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What exactly is transactional email?

Streamline your processes by using a dependable email delivery system.

A transactional email is one that is sent by a sender to a recipient in order to accomplish an expected transaction. Sending emails to your customers is an essential component of their workflows, and they're prompted by the recipient and contain information they desire or need.

For example, when a user requests a password or places a purchase, a transactional email is sent. We've made it easier for you to take advantage of these crucial touchpoints between you and your consumers.

Transactional Email vs. Marketing Email

When a specific user activity triggers a transactional message, the message is sent only once. The opposite of this is an email marketing campaign, which is a one-to-many communication that promotes a product, service, sale, or other events by email. Unlike transactional emails, which are triggered by the recipient's actions, marketing emails aren't driven by the recipient's preferences. As a result of their greater open rates and higher deliverability than email marketing efforts, the finest transactional emails contain content that users specifically requested.

Types of Transactional Emails

Activation emails

Creating an account is the first step in establishing a long-term relationship with your customers. Make new clients feel welcome by contacting them as soon as new information becomes available and allowing them to specify their preferences for receiving future communications from your company.

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Emails for password reset

Password recovery emails are a great way to keep your customers safe. It is essential for any application that requires a password and promises that users can return to using your services within a reasonable amount of time.

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E-mails confirming the purchase

Customer expectations for timely purchase receipt emails that don't land up in a customer's spam inbox are standard with any online business. Your clients will have a positive experience with your brand if you send them timely and correct emails.

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Notifications sent to your inbox

Signal critical events and information to users. Policies, security alerts, use notifications, monthly bills, and a host of other use cases are all covered by transactional emails. You can utilize them to keep your customers informed and to establish trust in your brand.

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Authentication and verification of one's identity

Authentication via transactional email protects both your brand and your users against fraud. An email verification code may be rapidly sent to your customers via the API, ensuring that they have a strong sense of trust in your business.

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SMTPServer has even more reasons why you'll love sending transactional emails

Simple API or SMTP integration allows you to be up and running quickly.

Timely delivery of your urgent messages.

You can troubleshoot with the full 90-day history of all content.

Detailed open and delivery tracking for every email ensures that your messages are seen by the right people.

Use the web dashboard to monitor bounced emails, or use webhooks to alert your application of any issues.

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