Why SMTPServer?

Why SMTPServer is one of the best and most profitable offers for bulk and transactional emails

Why choose us?

It has never been this easy

SMTPSERVER.com is the cost-efficient SMTP server provider for all your email marketing needs that ensures optimal and fast email delivery by reaching email directly into your customer’s inbox.

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The best offer in the market for sending UNLIMITED emails

Our rates start at €39 for 300,000 emails per month. Price includes dedicated IP and configuration assistance, chat support and 99.9% uptime. Send as many emails as you want by just adding more IPs to your SMTP server and you are good to go.

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Getting your emails to your inbox is our #1 priority

Our sender reputation is well-known among email programs (Gmail, Outlook, AOL/Yahoo, etc.), and we keep a close eye on all of our IP addresses. You can benefit from the deliverability of an established SMTP service provider by sending over our free SMTP server.

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Multiple-Domain: One IP

It is a very good way to use a different domain for a different purpose (even if it is a subdomain). It is a better way to communicate with your client. Now SMTPServer provides you multiple domain option with one IP without any extra cost.

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Let’s find out together a suitable service for you

Access to Accurate Real-Time Reports and Email Statistics

You can find out how many messages were sent out, how many delivery and bounces and much other information for each mailing list. We store complete information about sending your mails, information about recipients and message events for your all-time use.

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Are you an existing client or ready to become one? Our support is always ready to help

We provide support to our customers through a convenient communication channel: email, phone, messenger - anything that is convenient for you. We provide free assistance in setting up and installing for the best possible delivery rate.

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Fast start. Start sending messages with the SMTPServer API

SMTPServer integration allows you to quickly integrate an email marketing platform into your product, for your quick start. Email integration is quick and easy—whether you're sending transactional or bulk email. Read our post here to find out more about SMTPServer API!

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