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Send Unlimited Emails via SMTP server

Reach a huge audience quickly and at a low cost

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Send Unlimited Emails via SMTP server
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Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective digital promotion methods due to its ability to reach a huge audience quickly and at a low cost. As a result, it's critical not to disregard email delivery's technological aspects.

Send without limits using SMTP server

Common email providers like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail no longer allow you to send an unlimited number of emails at once: they now have stringent limits on the number of messages and recipients you can send every day.

Quick setup

  • Fast and Easy
  • Customer Support
  • Professional Installation

Get ready

  • Dedicated Servers
  • No email limits
  • Cost-effective SMTP Solution

Your Insights

  • Accurate Real-Time Reportsy
  • High Inbox Delivery Rate
  • Secure and Reliable Servers

If you're starting an email campaign and need to send a newsletter to a large number of accounts, you'll need to employ a professional SMTP service, which is a monitored outgoing server that allows you to send unlimited emails without worry, optimising your delivery rate.

Most companies and consumers have email systems or servers, but most of them can't be used to send mass emails for email marketing since it's so easy to get blocked and blacklisted, especially if your ISP or email hosting business prohibits you from sending bulk emails.

However, using our Smtp Server, we can remove such limitations.

Furthermore, sending unlimited emails via SMTP Server gives a robust real-time email tracking feature for better understanding the results of your bulk email campaign (open rates, click-through rates, number of bounces etc.)

SMTP Server provides guaranteed 100 % SMTP Delivery and Dedicated IP at an unbelievable cost.

Dedicated servers

Secured and emails dedicated SMTP and analyse servers for through excellent performance panel

Up to 60 IP addresses

Choose from 1 to 60 dedicated IP addresses upto your disposal

Unlimited emails

Send as many as you’d like the performance our admin

High Inbox Delivery Rate

Ensure that your emails anytime land in the inbox rather than the spam box. Make the most of your email marketing efforts by reaching out to your target audience.


Analyze your campaign statistics on deliverability, open rates, click rates, and more by monitoring all of your email logs.

24X7 Professional Support

Chat with our experts

Secure Delivery of Transactional Emails

Send instant order confirmations and password resets

Secure and Reliable Servers

With our trustworthy and authenticated SMTP Server for Email Marketing, you can rapidly improve email delivery.

Email API

Through SMTP Server transactional email API send transactional email and newsletters from your website or app.