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Get a dedicated IP when making an order on SMTP server

As a high volume sender, have complete control over email sent

A dedicated IP address allows high-volume senders to have complete control over emails sent from their own IP address, as well as optimize their IP reputation to ensure that their emails reach the mailbox.

Every mailbox provider keeps track of incoming traffic's IP address and assigns it a reputation score.

You are solely responsible for the reputation of a dedicated IP address.

This is significant because the reputation of the IP address sending the email is one of the most critical variables in determining whether emails make it to the inbox without being blocked or filtered.

One of the most valuable assets you may have as a sender is a properly maintained IP with a good reputation.

Your email's chances of reaching the inbox increase as your reputation improves A dedicated IP will make troubleshooting deliverability issues and requesting whitelisting of your own IP from external postmasters much easier.

Managing IPs and traffic using SMTP server

You can have many dedicated IPs to manage your email traffic to the best of your ability, depending on your volume and sending practices.

To provide the optimal inbox placement, the SMTP server may spread out and control your volume for each IP.

Dedicated servers

Secured and emails dedicated SMTP and analyse servers for through excellent performance panel

Up to 60 IP addresses

Choose from 1 to 60 dedicated IP addresses upto your disposal

Unlimited emails

Send as many as you’d like the performance our admin

High Inbox Delivery Rate

Ensure that your emails anytime land in the inbox rather than the spam box. Make the most of your email marketing efforts by reaching out to your target audience.


Analyze your campaign statistics on deliverability, open rates, click rates, and more by monitoring all of your email logs.

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Secure Delivery of Transactional Emails

Send instant order confirmations and password resets

Secure and Reliable Servers

With our trustworthy and authenticated SMTP Server for Email Marketing, you can rapidly improve email delivery.

Email API

Through SMTP Server transactional email API send transactional email and newsletters from your website or app.