Importance of Dedicated IP for Email Marketing

Learn the difference between Dedicated IP over a Shared IP

Dedicated IP address allows you to secure it’s reputation by mailbox provider
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Why would you need a dedicated IP?

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Bulletpoint summary

A well-maintained IP with a high reputation is one of the most precious assets you can have as a sender. As your reputation rises, your email's chances of reaching the inbox increase. If you have your dedicated IP, it will be easier to troubleshoot the root cause of deliverability issues and request whitelisting of your IP from some external postmasters.

Depending on your volume and sending habits

You might have a large number of dedicated IPs to manage your email traffic to the best of your ability. If you send above 200k emails per month, a dedicated IP is recommended. SMTP Server can distribute and manage your volume over multiple IP addresses to ensure optimal inbox placement.

A dedicated IP provides additional control over delivery

Having their IP's reputation defined by the acts of others, they become the sole determinant of whether or not their emails get delivered.

Many clients choose a dedicated IP over a shared IP

Since they don't want a sender suffix like attached to their emails. The email service provider sends all emails on behalf of Company X while using a shared IP. Dedicated IPs appear to originate solely from the company's email address.

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Never Ending Benefits

  • Protect your email delivery reputation

  • Easily deliver your emails to all major ISPs

  • Improve the inbox placement of your email messages

  • Get additional sender reputation monitoring

  • Increase revenue owing to better subscriber engagement

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How a Dedicated IP Affects Deliverability

You are responsible for your reputation when you use a dedicated IP address

Making a bad first impression will stick with you for a long, long time

You are responsible for your reputation when you use a dedicated IP address. First impressions are important, and making a bad one (e.g., sending a broken link in an email, failing to follow proper IP warming procedures, etc.) will stick with you for a long time.

This means that if you do something to harm your ISP's reputation, it will take time for them to trust you as a sender again. As a result, inbox placement and deliverability will be affected.

IP reputation changes on every sendout

How dedicated SMTP server is better

  • If your IP address appears on a blacklist or is targeted by a significant number of spam traps, you'll know it's entirely your responsibility. Then you can try to figure out why the spam trap was triggered. Your sending reputation is a key component in determining whether or not an ISP will deliver your message to the mailbox. Whitelisting (identifying you as a "safe sender") is easier with a dedicated IP address. You are far more likely to get past spam filters than someone who isn't whitelisted). When compared to a sender with many shared IP addresses, asking AOL to whitelist your dedicated IP address increases your chances of approval. Even if you're whitelisted, it won't last forever. Because of your sending habits, you can always be deleted.

  • The sole ownership of DNS records is another way that a dedicated IP might impair your deliverability. DNS records are linked to your brand. If you did a reverse DNS lookup on a dedicated IP address, for example, it would only return information about your brand.

  • You may increase your reputation in a variety of ways. Even if you've been placed on a blacklist. Each blacklist has its own set of criteria for inclusion. After you've identified the issue, try to prevent repeating it in the future, as both have an impact on your deliverability.

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