SMTP Service: Multiple-Domain

Use a different domain for a different purpose

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It is a very good way to use a different domain for a different purpose (even if it is a subdomain). It is a better way to communicate with your client. Now SMTPServer provides you without any extra cost.

Add Your Domain

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Add your domain and choose the IP where you want to configure with. (In case you free account Select IP option will not available)

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If you want to add a sub-domain then add the subdomain in the Domain name field then select the checkbox and put the root domain.Example: If your subdomain is then the root domain is

After that click on ‘Continue’

DNS Configuration

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Within a few seconds, the system will generate the DNS configuration of the domain. Now it’s time for adding those

Adding DNS

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Based on your domain service provider you need to add all the DNS configurations one by one as the system generated.

At the end of adding all the configurations, it will look like this

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Domain Authorization

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Once all DNS added successfully then wait for 5 min. System will check the configuration and authorize the domain. Once it completed you can see the Domain is ‘Active’ under ‘Domain menu.

SMTP configuration

Click on the Domain name, one tab will open will DNS and SMTP configuration. Your server is now ready for use.

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Test your SMTP Server

If you want to test your server, use our online tools for that,

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Enter all the details and send the email where you want. The result will be shown on the right side of the page.

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