SMTP Service: Multiple-Domain

Use a different domain for a different purpose

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It is a very good way to use a different domain for a different purpose (even if it is a subdomain). It is a better way to communicate with your client. Now SMTPServer provides you multiple domain option with one IP without any extra cost.

Add Your Domain

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Add your domain and choose the IP where you want to configure with. (In case you free account Select IP option will not available)

DNS Configuration

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Within a few seconds, the system will generate the DNS configuration of the domain. Now it’s time for adding those

Adding DNS

Now Add those records which you copied from SMTPServer.
Type: Choose CNAME from the dropdown list.
Name: From SMTPServer the Host data will be put here.
Value: From SMTPServer the Value data will be put here.
TTL: Keep this as Default.

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When you add those records then all records will show like this in GoDaddy.

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With your DNS records, paste the copied data into the Destination or Target box.

Your record should resemble one of the following tables:

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  • Note 1: If in your domain DNS setting have an option of Proxy, put that off. Keep DNS only.
  • Note 2: Changes to CNAME records can take up to 72 hours to take effect, but they usually happen considerably sooner.

Domain Authorization

Once you add all CNAME records in SMTPServer successfully then come back to SMTPServer and choose the Domain option. Previously it was ‘Pending’. But once you add the DNS records now it will become Active (if not then please wait for 5 min to verify DNS records). Now you are ready to send mail.

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When you click on the domain name, you'll see the specifics of your SMTP server if everything is updated successfully. This is how it will seem.

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Test your SMTP Server

If you want to test your server, use our online tools for that,

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Enter all the details and send the email where you want. The result will be shown on the right side of the page.

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