Best SendGrid Alternative SMTP Server

Best SendGrid Alternative SMTP Server

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Looking for a service to replace SendGrid? SendGrid is an affordable option for businesses seeking for an email service provider due of its email API and basic features. But you should consider whether or not you really want to use it. If you care primarily about cost, customer reviews, or overall value, consider SMTPServer.

Learn how to ensure the timely delivery of emails

Our team of deliverability experts works hard to improve your email’s success by decreasing bounce rates and spam complaints and raising open and inbox placement percentages.

Committed Internet Protocol Address

A dedicated IP is included with all paid plans. There is no limit to the number of IP addresses you can request. Your online reputation is in your hands when you have a dedicated IP address, and you may save time by automating IP warmup and handling additional IPs. It is always free with any of our plans.

No Limits on Emails

Using SMTP servers, the quantity of emails you can send is without bounds. You can send up to 300,000 emails monthly with just one dedicated IP. Dedicated IPs can be purchased in bulk to increase email volume sent.

Equipment developed with the team’s intelligence in mind

No complicated procedures or unnecessary additions are tolerated because of our firm commitment to simplicity. With simple editors, everyone on your team can chip in on sending out personalized emails.

The costing structure is straightforward and easy to understand

With a premium account, you may save money on sending, get personalized help with email delivery, and more. There are no covert costs involved.

Scalable and trustworthy transmission infrastructure

Our marketing automation tools can help you build personalized relationships with as few as one consumer or as many as several million. To protect the credibility of your email’s sender, we employ industry-leading SPF, DKIM, and DMARC standards in our mail servers.

There is assistance available 24*7

We’ve won awards for our excellent service, and we’re getting noticed. When you need help, you can reach our customer care staff at any time, day or night, every day of the week. Each premium plan comes with prompt responses via email or chat.

Now make a comparison of how much you have to pay for services:-

No. of Email/Month SMTP Server SendGrid Saving per Month
300,000 EUR 39 =~> USD 44 USD 249 USD 205
600,000 EUR 77 =~> USD 87 USD 249 USD 162
900,000 EUR 114 =~> USD 129 USD 449 USD 320
1,200,000 EUR 150 =~> USD 170 USD 449 USD 279
1,500,000 EUR 185 =~> USD 210 Contact Support
1,800,000 EUR 219 =~> USD 248 Contact Support
2,100,000 EUR 252 =~> USD 286 Contact Support
2,400,000 EUR 284 =~> USD 322 Contact Support
2,700,000 EUR 315 =~> USD 357 Contact Support
3,000,000 EUR 345 =~> USD 391 Contact Support
More than 3,000,000 Contact our Support Contact Support

There are a lot more features available in SMTPServer. Join Now.