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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a new SMTP services company that can help you with your emailing solutions. All you need is a domain that you can access and add DNS records to and a mailing software/service.

You certainly can. All you need is a domain that you can access and add DNS records to and a mailing software/service. Please follow our Terms of Service to make sure that your mass emailing needs meet our requirements.

Our services start from 25 Euros/month. That gets you a small email queue and 1 dedicated IP.

A small email queue means how many emails our server is willing to accept from you at any given time.

Quite simple. After you make a purchase, you’ll be forwarded to your dashboard where you can enter a domain and subdomain/s (subdomain count depends on how many IPs you have purchased). After that, you’ll be presented with DNS records that you have to add to your DNS configuration in the domain registrar. While you’re doing that, we’ll set up the server for you and provide you with credentials via email.

Most of our clients use such software as Interspire, Mailwizz and Mautic. This is not a strict limitation, but we recommend to stick to such examples as given above.

There is no email limit or email ID limit, you can send as many as you like, but please follow the IP warmup procedure.The IP warmup procedure will be email to you along with your SMTP Server credentials.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer a trial option, but we don’t mind issuing a refund if you’re not satisfied with our services and none of our Terms of Service are broken.

We currently accept cryptocurrency payments, as well as PayPal.

Please enter your domain and subdomains in our dashboard and add DNS records to your domain. You can access your dashboard by clicking on Account. Once that is done, we’ll proceed with the server setup and email you your SMTP Server credentials.

Technically yes, but keep in mind that this is more of a general guideline, a lot depends on where you're sending, your domain reputation, content of the email etc.