Sending Transactional Emails

Sending system alerts to your contacts has never been safer. Your transactional emails are always delivered on time.

What exactly is a transactional email? Simply said, a service email is one that is prompted by a user's action, such as a welcome message after registering on a website, a password reset confirmation, an out-of-office auto-responder, a purchase receipt, or an error notice.
Transactional emails have the highest open rates because they are a direct response to a previous action: the user is already expecting them. Furthermore, click-through rates are extremely high in general.
Because transactional emails are so beneficial to businesses, it's critical for a marketer to ensure that they're delivered appropriately and that they're kept track of. You may accomplish it effortlessly with SMTPServer.

Your marketing efforts must be stepped up to the plate

How to?

Simply register and begin sending emails with SMTPServer as your new SMTP server. This will increase the deliverability of all your communications, ensuring that the greatest number of them reach the intended inbox.

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Then you can utilise our dashboard to get real results regarding the transactional emails you've sent, such as the open rate, bounce rate, click rate, and other vital data that will offer you complete control over your users' activities - and will also be a tremendous help in improving your communication.

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In addition, if you are a coder and need to send transactional emails through web, you can use our brand new SMTP API: the "Send" method will allow you to create a script and launch SMTPServer on your website or application to simply deliver transactional messages.

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Finally, here are some extra tips for improving the performance of your transactional emails

  • Keep them brief and to the point. Be synthetic because the user already knows what he's expecting.

  • Make certain that they are despatched within a few seconds of the user's action.

  • To promote clicking, use the prettiest and simplest template possible.

  • Include your contact information in the footer.

  • Always send from an active address, preferably one that has been validated.

  • Pay close attention to the subject line: it must clearly describe the substance of the transactional email in order for it to stand out in the user's inbox.

  • Test, test, and test again!

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