What is my SMTP Server

What is my SMTP server is one of the first questions you should ask while configuring an email client.

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Your SMTP server name can be found in a variety of ways. The most popular providers' SMTP settings are shown here; if you use a less popular or local provider that is not on the list, you should visit its website (and if necessary, get in touch with it).

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Nevertheless, keep in mind that only a reputable SMTP server can ensure that all of your emails are delivered correctly. In general, free outgoing servers like those connected to Gmail or Hotmail are not intended for delivering bulk emails.

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Switch to a dedicated outgoing server like SMTPServer if you're setting up a newsletter campaign or simply don't want any of your messages to get lost. You can sign up and start receiving 9,000 relays for free every month, indefinitely.

1&1 1&1 Smtp.1and1.com
Airmail Airmail.net Mail.airmail.net
AOL Aol.com Smtp.aol.com
AT&T Att.net Outbound.att.net
Bluewin Bluewin.ch Smtpauths.bluewin.ch
BT Connect Btconnect.com Mail.btconnect.tom
Comcast Comcast.net Smtp.comcast.net
Earthlink Earthlink.net Smtpauth.earthlink.net
Gmail Gmail.com Smtp.gmail.com
Gmx Gmx.net Mail.gmx.net
HotPop Hotpop.com Mail.hotpop.com
Libero Libero.it Mail.libero.it
Lycos Lycos.com Smtp.lycos.com
O2 o2.com Smtp.o2.com
O2 o2.com Smtp.o2.com
Outlook.com (former Hotmail) Outlook.com Smtp.live.com
Tin Tin.it Mail.tin.it
Tiscali Tiscali.co.uk Smtp.tiscali.co.uk
Verizon Verizon.net Outgoing.verizon.net
Virgin Virgin.net Smtp.virgin.net
Wanadoo Wanadoo.fr Smtp.wanadoo.fr
Yahoo Yahoo.com Smtp.mail.yahoo.com
SMTPServer smtpserver.com smtp.smtpserver.com

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