Analytics and Reporting for Your SMTP Server

At SMTPServer, we understand the critical role data plays in optimizing email delivery, ensuring security, and enhancing overall performance. That's why we offer robust analytics and reporting tools designed to empower you with valuable insights and actionable data.

Everything you'd expect from a top email service


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Real-time Performance Monitoring
Stay updated with real-time analytics that provide a detailed overview of your server's performance. Monitor delivery rates, response times, bounce rates, and more, all in one intuitive dashboard.
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Delivery Metrics
Track email delivery metrics with precision. Dive into detailed reports on sent, delivered, opened, and bounced emails. Identify trends and patterns to optimize your email campaigns and ensure maximum reach.
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Security Insights
Gain valuable insights into security-related events such as failed login attempts, suspicious activities, and potential threats. Stay proactive in safeguarding your SMTP server and maintaining data integrity.
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Geolocation Tracking
Understand the geographical distribution of your email recipients. Identify regions with higher engagement rates and customize your
strategies accordingly.

How It Works

Our analytics and reporting tools are seamlessly integrated into your SMTP server dashboard, providing easy access to a wealth of information. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our system collects, processes, and visualizes data in a user-friendly interface, ensuring that even complex metrics are easily understandable.



Optimized Performance

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your server's performance, improving email deliverability and engagement rates.

Enhanced Security

Proactively identify and address security threats to safeguard your server and maintain trust with your users.

Informed Decision-Making

Access to detailed analytics empowers you to make informed decisions, enabling strategic adjustments for better outcomes.

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