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You need a trusted SMTP hosting service

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For your mailings to have the best chance of getting there, you need a trusted SMTP hosting service. This is especially important when it comes to bulk email marketing. Unfortunately, some marketers still don't understand the importance of a trusted SMTP host. They keep sending mass emails using a common, free outgoing mail server, like Gmail's or Hotmail's, which only causes them to lose readers, or customers.

In fact, a professional SMTP service is the only way to improve your deliverability and make sure that all of your emails get to the right inboxes. Why spend money on a word that no one hears?

You can trust SMTPServer because it is a complete SMTP hosting solution that has been showing its worth for years by helping more than 20,000 customers around the world. With our computers, it's easy to send emails, and they'll get there quickly and reliably no matter what ISP you use.

We keep an eye on our system to make sure you get the best smart host service. We also offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get help with your mail campaign at any time.

You can get a free lifetime package of 3,000 emails per month right away. If you need more emails, you can always improve.

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