Risks and Benefits of Email List Cleaning

Email List Cleaning

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Do you know email lists drop every year by 20-30%? Your emails will never be opened by up to one-third of your users resulting far less click on your call to action. So, what is the point of sending email to them and wasting time and money?

That’s where Email Cleaning comes in. We have already talked about Email List Cleaning: Why Cleaning Your List Is Important to get High ROI in our previous blog. Now, let us discuss about the risks and benefits of Email list cleaning or scrubbing.

Risks of Not Cleaning Your Email List

It becomes bloated, and even toxic if you do not regularly clean your email list. Your goal is to get your emails into your target audience’s hands. Many obstacles will prevent this from happening.

For example, if email clients like Gmail think that you are sending spam, they will junk your emails automatically. This happens a lot when your emails are sent to their own spam folders by people who do not want to hear from you. Gmail starts considering your email as Spam from then on. I’m sure that’s the last thing you wish for.

In addition, you risk offending the very individuals you are marketing to. If somebody does not want to hear from you, why would you keep emailing them?

Benefits of Email List Cleaning

Email list cleaning has many advantages. Let us explore.

Email Scrubbing Reduces Email Marketing Costs and Increases ROI

Email service providers usually charge depending on the size/volume of your list. Emailing 50,000 people costs you more than emailing 5,000 people.

Therefore, considering the pricing point of view, it is wiser to clean your email list from time to time. There is no need to pay for emailing people who are not engaged with your messages actively.

As an outcome, you end up with an ROI boost. Since you send emails to people who are interested in your offer, you can get more click-throughs and open rates. It is a win-win tactic.

Reduces Spam Complaints

Trust me. No one wants the word ‘spam’ associated with their company. I believe, so as you. Complaints about spam are submitted to the email blacklist. It is a difficult thing to recover from, and avoiding it altogether is much more effective.

If you regularly clean your email list, you can rest assured that your chances of getting spam complaints are reasonably slim. This means your messages are going to land where they belong, i.e, in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Increases Open Rates as Well as Click-Through Rates of Your Email Campaign

As I stated earlier, after cleaning up your email list, your overall metrics would increase.

Let’s assume there are 5,000 email addresses in your current database, and you have a 20 percent open rate. This isn’t bad. But then you clear up your list of emails. It reduces your database to 4,200 email addresses, but it shoots up to 30 percent of your open rate. A lot better! LinkStory