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Mail tester Working Procedure

A mail tester, often referred to as an email tester or email verification service, is a tool or service that helps verify the validity and deliverability of email addresses. An email score, often called an "email reputation score" or "sender score," is a numerical value that assesses the trustworthiness and reputation of an email sender or the quality of an email. This score is used by email service providers (ESPs) and email filtering systems to determine whether to deliver an email to the recipient's inbox or route it to the spam folder.

Here are the steps for the mail tester:

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Open the mail tester site. (
Step 2: Copy the email id from the text box. You can easily copy that by clicking the “Copy” icon.
Outbound Filter Image
Step 3: Send an email to this email id. In this case, we are using the SMTP Server Connection test. (
Outbound Filter Image
Step 4: Let’s fill up the form and hit Test smtp. This will also check the SMTP connection and send a test mail to the email tester for a check score.

If the SMTP connection successfully happens, then you will get a message like this.

Outbound Filter Image
Step 5: Then hit the button ‘Then check score’.
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Step 6: Then wait for a while.
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Step 7: You will get your email score like below.
Outbound Filter Image

In the report, you can check all the issues in detail. You can correct those and re-test again. You can check unlimited times in free of cost. We are not selling your data. Feel free to use it and hit your emails in the inbox.

Overall Improvement:

Mail Tester provides a numerical score that reflects the quality of your email. This score serves as a benchmark and encourages email senders to improve their email practices continually. Regularly checking and striving for a high Mail Tester score can lead to more effective email campaigns and better recipient engagement.

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