5 Tips to Clean or Scrub an Email List

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Email list cleaning is an important part of email marketing to ensure the success of an email campaign. If you have not tried email list cleaning so far, there’s no time like the present. We have accumulated 5 best tips for ensuring you do a great job.

  1. Begin with Cleaning Your Most Active Email Lists

Always start with your active lists — the ones who receive emails from you frequently. You might have several different lists if you’ve taken our suggestion and segmented your list, so use them analytically.

2. Identify and Remove Duplicate Email Addresses

People sometimes forget they have subscribed to an email list. Then, they sign up for a second time after discovering the website again in the future.

Remember what I said regarding ROI? Duplicate email addresses lower your ROI. Remove the duplicates so that you do not send redundant messages and your email list doesn’t get bloated.

3. Detect “Spammy” Email Addresses and Clean Them from Your Email List

By now, you already know how to recognize a spammy email address. You typically receive a lot of emails from ridiculous addresses, even as a customer.

Some insight is given by the following examples:

However, you don’t have to do this manually, as I’ll talk about it later. Email list cleaning can be much more effective by deleting spam or fake email addresses automatically.

4. Cut Off People Who Unsubscribe from Your Email List

This is a big thing. We should respect someone’s request if they tell us that they are not interested to hear from us. We should remove them from our list without further and with immediate action.

Else we will be no less than those annoying telemarketing callers whom you’ve told many a time that you don’t want them to call, but still, they keep bothering you with their offers.

Just think for a while. Put yourselves in your subscriber’s shoes. Would you like to purchase any product/service connected with that telemarketing caller? Of course not, right? And even if you decide you would love the product and pay millions of dollars for it, you could be stopped from putting down money by your values.

Your subscribers also think about emails that come unsolicited from an organization in the same way.

5. Fix Obvious Typos

Many a time you must be making very silly and obvious typing mistakes. If it is short enough you can manually identify these typos very often in your email list. For example, gmial.com or gmal.com instead of gmail.com, yahoo.con instead of yahoo.com, outlok.com while writing outlook.com. If these small typos can be identified and fixed, then you may end up developing a healthy email list for your email campaign.