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Typical blunders in email localization -SMTPServer

Typical blunders in email localization 

We frequently miss a few details while creating a fantastic email marketing strategy. So that you don’t overlook them the next time you’re developing a strategy, let’s look at those. Copy: Because many locales and nations around the world have their own communication styles, it’s…

Tips for Personalise Email Marketing

Tips for Personalise Email Marketing 

Personalisation, which is also called one-to-one marketing or marketing to the individual, is a method that marketers are using more and more to connect with their prospects and customers. In the end, it all comes down to using the information you have about your customers…

Email Marketing Checklist
Email Marketing

7 Best Email Marketing Checklist 

Introduction to Email E-mail is a computer-based program that allows users to communicate with one another through the exchange of messages. The electronic counterpart of a letter is e-mail, which offers benefits in flexibility and immediacy. An email is sent to the intended recipient’s mailbox…



It’s very important to greet your subscribers when they subscribe or signup for the first time on your website. Welcome emails attract customers at the very beginning and first impressions benefit in retaining customers. SEND WELCOME EMAILS IMMEDIATELY Try to send emails as soon as…