Tips to Manage and Engage with Your Cleaned Email List

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We have discussed so far almost everything about email list cleaning and why it is important. Now let’s discuss how to run a clean email list from the beginning.

Convert Your Website Visitors into New Engaged Leads by Using Hello Bar + an Amazing Lead Magnet

Start with an excellent strategy for generating leads. Bring in individuals who want to hear from you genuinely by offering an obvious deal and making it convincing.

To build an exit-intent popup, often referred to as a page takeover, use Hello Bar. Setting one up takes less than five minutes.

To the headline, add your lead magnet and provide an attractive CTA.

This is a perfect way to connect in the future with exciting subscribers who may want to hear from you and download your cool lead magnet. If you have a wide list already, mention it as social evidence.

Make Sending Welcome Emails to Your New Email List Subscribers a Healthy Practice

Make your new subscribers enjoy the honeymoon period when everything is bright and new.

By sending welcome emails that make your subscribers feel comfortable and appreciative, take advantage of this phase and provide them with some exciting offers.

Most notably, try to maintain two-way communication with subscribers. Invite the subscriber to respond to your email, follow you on social media, and for great information convince them to visit your blog.

Keep Your Email List Engaged by Using the Right Email Copywriting Techniques

While ad copywriting is an overrated job worldwide, Email copywriting is still undervalued. People believe that they can slap a bunch of text into their emails and get good subscriber answers.

It is not that easy!

In reality, your emails may be the first impression your subscriber gets about your business. They visited your website and signed up, of course, but that may have been days before the email opened. They look at you with a new and critical perspective now. Disappointing them will be a big mistake at this time. Write in full sentences, use an active voice, and keep your messages sweet and simple.

Use Catchy Email Subject Lines to Attract Subscribers’ Attention

The best email subject lines push your subscribers to open your emails. A catchy email subject line does not give any choice to subscribers because they are so alluring. You need to be highly creative.

Make use of uncommon language, active verbs, and indications of incentives to get your subscribers to open your emails. Try various subject lines by segmenting your lists and evaluating open rates. You might be amazed by the outcomes.

Create Cool Automated Email Drip campaigns to Cultivate your Email Leads

The funneling of your new subscribers into email drip campaigns is also a smart idea. Focus on understanding their sales funnel role so that you send them messages that align with what they need.

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