8 Methods to Repurpose Content for Email Marketing Campaigns

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Sometimes, it is difficult to handle the situation when we want to generate a newsletter for our email marketing campaign, but we don’t have any new content ideas. It is a normal thing and you can easily tackle this situation.

It is important to create an impactful newsletter for your brand every time. But it is not necessary that every time you can generate new content ideas for the newsletter. Sometimes, you have to look at your old content in order to make brand new content.

In this article, we will discuss 8 important methods to repurpose content for email marketing campaigns.

1- Ideas from previous blog posts:

You can make use of your previous blog posts in order to generate new content for the newsletter. Suppose your topic is content marketing. So, you can select 5 blog posts related to content marketing and you can share the links in your newsletter with the title “tips for content marketing”. You can use some paragraphs from your blog posts as content.

2- Use of infographics:

Infographics are produced with little more effort than blog posts. But the impact of infographics on users is more. Infographics are created by the use of titles, charts, icons, images, and different types of graphics. Infographics are very attractive and are mostly used by big blogs.
You can take content ideas from your existing blog posts and can convert that content into infographics. You can easily share infographics with your subscribers via newsletter.

3- Use of video content:

You can also use video content to get ideas for the newsletter. You can share your Instagram story update in your newsletter. You can take help from your YouTube video in order to produce content for your newsletter.
The best helpful video content would be a tutorial. You can make a “how-to guide” content with your video link and send it to your subscribers. If you produce quality content then this method will help you a lot.

4- Create content from the e-book:

It is another way to create content for your followers. You can divide the e-book into several parts and then you have to send it to your subscribers in the form of content. You should make sure that the e-book is related to your brand.

5- Ideas from social media:

You can easily generate ideas from social media for your newsletter. There are four common ways to get ideas from social media.

– You can select the top posts of a week and send them as a newsletter to your subscribers. With this method, you can easily repurpose social media post content. Most people miss important posts on social media and you can repurpose the important posts in your newsletter.

– Most social media platforms offer to make a poll and it is becoming more popular among the users. Marketers can also know about their audience by use of polls via email. You can create content by comparing results from social media and email.

– User-generated content is very important and authentic content. You can take reviews about your brand from different people through social media. Use their reviews as content in the newsletter.

– You can also use visual content like images from your social media. Visual content is also becoming more popular. Because visual content attracts more users and it is an effective way.

6- Developing a case study:

You have to check out your company’s internal data in order to make a case study. You can reach out to your past clients and you can ask them or take reviews about your company. Sharing a case study about your brand via email is an effective way to gain the trust of your subscribers.

7- Talking about best-selling products:

If you sell products online then you can make the content about your best-selling product. This is the best practice to make valuable content for your followers. You can also share reviews about your products. Everyone wants to know about the product before buying.

8- Creating an email series:

You can start an email series by giving more information about your brand or company. You can take content from your existing blog posts and you can easily convert your blog post into several parts.

This is an effective way to engage with your audience. People love your content if you provide value to your subscribers.

Final thoughts:

It is easy to make content for your newsletter by reusing your old content and some useful methods. You can generate more ideas with the help of these 8 methods. LinkStory