How to make personalized email for grabbing audience attention

personalized email

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The meaning of personalization in an email marketing campaign is that you have to target the subscriber with the right approach for more conversion. You can use the data and information of your subscriber in your emails for making your email more engaging and professional.

Personalizing is a tried-and-true way to boost click-through rate, and it can have a measurable effect on your ROI and sales. According to studies, emails with customized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be opened than those without personalization.

These results are based on the fact that personalized email is more relevant and effective to subscribers. Your subscribers will receive an email sent directly to them, which will list names and offers (products, promotions, etc.) that match their interests, rather than sending events with general offers and news.

Benefits of personalization:

– The main point of the personalized email is to make it relevant. People’s mailboxes are overcrowded with many mails and these emails are usually sent to the recipient by name. In this situation, you can grab the attention of your subscriber by providing relevant content to your subscriber.

– Collecting enough subscriber data will help you find out what they need at a particular time. Then you will be able to send an email at the right time. These are two main advantages of email personalization. Some techniques for email personalization:

1- “From” Name

It is very important to mention the “From” Name in the email properly. Your subscriber should know from where he is receiving email. You may wonder to know that 68% of American says that they open the email after seeing the “From” Name. When creating a campaign, just enter the personalized tag you want to use in the “From” field. You don’t have to use the “From” name manually.

2- Subject line:

The other main point is the subject line. No doubt, making the subject line different from the email body is good for grabbing the attention of your subscribers. But research has shown that using the subscriber’s name in the subject line increases the email open rate and the email marketer gets more conversion. It is a very simple way of email personalization. Many companies provide this facility to their users that they can simply add personalized tags in their subject line.

3- Segmentation:

You can divide your subscribers into various segments depending on the information about your subscribers like gender, job, etc. It is the best way to provide relevant content. You should know that every subscriber has a different mindset and you cannot grab the attention of all subscribers with one piece of content.

Your welcome email should be according to your new subscribers. You can also use some filters like subscriber-based or activity-based filters in order to produce special content or offer for your subscribers. You can make the segments of your list depending upon the interest, demographic, and actions of your audience according to your business needs.

If you are using personalized tags then you should double-check your email before sending it to your subscribers. You can easily grab the attention of your subscribers if you understand the importance of personalized emails. LinkStory