Best practices for email pop-up to get more subscribers

Best practices for email pop-up to get more subscribers

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Although it is obvious that the method of email pop-up is an effective way for lead generation but you should know that you cannot make more and more subscribers list by just showing the email pop-up to your visitors.

You have to do a proper strategy for getting more leads. If you want that more visitors give their email addresses then you have to present your email pop-up in the right way.

Here are some best practices for building your email list.

1- Why would anyone subscribe?

It is not necessary that everyone will subscribe to your newsletter without expecting anything in return. You should have to give your visitors a strong reason for subscribing to your email list.

You can show some amazing offers and discounts in your email pop-up. You can give your subscribers some free stuff like e-books etc. for subscribing to your email list. It is important to know the need of your visitors.

But it is not necessary always to give something to your visitors. Most of the viewers subscribe because they want to get updates and want to read your content on daily basis. That’s why high-quality content is very important. Almost 14% subscribe to your list because of discounts and gifts.

2- Make your pop-up stand out:

You have to make sure that your email pop-up should stand out and is noticed on your website. If you don’t get the attention of your visitors to your email pop-up then there is no chance that anyone will subscribe to your list.

3- Show pop-up at right time:

You have to make sure that your pop-up should not appear in the middle of the webpage. Because it is a very irritating thing for a visitor. The best practice is the use of exit intent pop-up. It shows the email pop-up when a visitor is like to leave the webpage.

You should also put the “No Thanks” button in your email pop-up. Make things easy for your viewers. By doing this, you will be able to generate a quality email list.

4- Pop-up design:

your email pop-up design matters a lot. Your design should be eye-catchy and should attract the attention of your viewers. It is recommended that make the design of your pop-up according to your brand. Because it looks more professional.

5- Use strong copy:

Content is very important to convert your visitors into your subscribers. You have to use a catchy headline to attract the attention of your viewers like a 30-day free trial. Your headline can create curiosity in your viewer.

Once you are able to grab the attention of your viewers then you have to explain further the purpose of your headline in a sentence. So that your viewers find that this is the right option for them. For example: subscribe to get more amazing content and stuff free for 30 days.

The last thing is the “call to action” button. Your CTA button should be clear and tell the purpose of subscribing. For instance: Get my free trial LinkStory