Don’t let your Email mistakes overpower your emails

Email mistakes

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Despite putting in the best efforts and your utmost efficiency, sometimes your E-Mails might contain certain undesirable or unwanted glitches which can ruin your work and all your efforts. But mistakes don’t mean there’s no scope for improvement, so here are some ways you can prevent making mistakes in your email.

Some common mistakes that we end up making-

  • Choosing an improper subject line
  • Repeating words and phrases unnecessarily
  • Using too many fonts
  • Not building up a proper list of recipients
  • Not making checklists
  • Making grammatical errors

How can these mistakes be prevented-

  • Building your email list in an organized way is a primary step towards making a perfect and error-free email. Building lists is quite important as it enables the user to distinguish between personal and business emails. One thing that should be kept in mind before building your lists is that using false or misleading header information can be penalized and is illegal. Following are the how you can build your list in the right way-
    • Giving people a true reason to subscribe
    • Creating free incentives to attract the genuine audience
    • Creating a separate landing page
    • Making authentic contents
    • Putting up sign-up sheets
    • Organizing giveaways
    • Hosting events
  • Crafting segments and A/B testing is the process of sending one variation of the campaign to a group of your subscribers and sending the other variation to another group of subscribers, with the help of such a process one can easily find out which variation works the best amongst the majority of the subscribers. Some of the guidelines for performing AB testing are-
    • Having a frequent check on the sent emails
    • Waiting for a certain period to observe the results
    • Checking if the results are significant
    • Keeping only two variants
  • The email marketing pre-flight checklist is a list that consists of  12 topics namely-

– Text or Content

– Focus

– Analytics

– Your Subscriber List

– Functional Testing

– Images

– Necessary Elements

– Action Orientation

– Value Added Email

– Strong subject lines

– Scheduling

– Final Check

Email marketing is an extremely popular and effective measure and has been proven to be helpful for even small or developing businesses. As sending email campaigns is so intimidating and tiring there’s always a need for an email campaign preflight checklist that consists of proper preheated texts, headings, introductions, etc.

The following are certain guidelines for creating professional checklists

  • Highlight the keywords or phrases in the subject line
    • Add header and footer
    • Include a simple format of the text
    • Putting appropriate introductions and conclusions

Certain guidelines are to be kept in mind and certain regulations are to be followed to make a perfect and professional email. These criteria help in highlighting an email and make it more prominent and worthy of attention from the audience and readers. Making a checklist with utmost perfection and finesse can garn you a lot of positive attention.